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Two teenage girls with braces smiling, one with traditional braces and one with lingual braces hidden on the back of her teeth in Salem, OROver three million American teenagers have braces these days, and it is estimated that at least one in five adults currently have them as well. Do not be surprised if you have not seen that many people with them, however. Through new methods in dentistry, many new orthodontic treatments can be less obvious than traditional braces which are known for bulky and obvious metal brackets. Here at Amborn Orthodontics, we understand how important it can be to get optimal dental care without having to announce with every smile that you have braces.

What Are Braces Used For?

If you have decided to get braces, then you are making a responsible decision to deliberately realign each tooth so that it may be in a better position to serve you than it was before. When we apply metal braces to your teeth, we intend to make it easier for you to use your mouth. This means that if there is an overcrowding issue which could cause difficulties in flossing and keeping buildup away, braces may be used to allow for enough space to prevent future problems.

What Are Lingual Braces?

Many of us are familiar with the more traditional metal braces, which usually cover the front of the teeth, but what many do not know is that those metal braces can also be applied to the back of the teeth as well. These are known as lingual braces. This can make what could be a lengthy orthodontic procedure all but invisible while still effectively straightening your smile. Unless someone knows what to watch for, it is very difficult to see braces when they are secured to the back of your teeth. For this reason, lingual braces are another great alternative to clear aligners or Damon Clear for those who wish to hide the appearance of wearing braces.

How Lingual Braces Can Benefit You

There are a few factors required to become a candidate for lingual braces. First, you will need to have longer teeth to allow for a secure surface, so younger children with tiny teeth should not consider this option. If you have a serious overbite, it is also not a good idea to go with lingual braces as it can affect the placement and cause brackets to come off. For those who play an instrument, such as a trumpet or a saxophone, you may find that lingual braces make it possible for you to continue playing without the same difficulty you would have with traditional braces.

Many people prefer lingual braces because they are not easily detectable, which is convenient, especially if they work in public or are self-conscious about their appearance. It takes just about the same amount of time to align your teeth as it would if they were on the front. They are usually custom-designed to fit the mouth based off of dental impressions, which means we have greater control when it comes to the adjustment of your teeth.

It is still important to maintain good oral hygiene. Since the backs of a tooth can be more prone to plaque buildup anyway, it could become even more susceptible with the addition of brackets that sugar and bacteria can access more easily than you.

If you have recently learned that you will need braces but were uncertain of what your options might be, it may help to know that we here at Amborn Orthodontics are capable of helping you to figure out the best course of treatment for the restoration of your smile. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (503) 967-9887 to schedule an appointment to discuss whether lingual braces may be right for you.

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Did you know that metal braces can also be applied to the back of the teeth instead of the front? These are known as lingual braces. Click to learn more!
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